April 05, 2010

Waikanae Showjumping

Sunday was the Horowhenua circuit finals at Waikanae. Only ended up doing the circuit class, as the ground was like concrete up there too - so although Swifty came along we didn't get any photos. Xev jumped really nicely again, still getting a bit close on that hard ground, but did some very clever moves to get us out of trouble especially in the related lines. Neo was trying to find a way to evade the new bit (myler combination used with 2 reins) and went from arguing to halting... I think it's working, as it's really making him think and come back to me, but perhaps I am being too strong with the curb rein so I will play around with which ring I am attaching the curb to on the bit and see if I can continue to get positive results out of it. I'm stoked with both of the horses though as I am seeing the progress I'm aiming for.

On the way up there we got stopped at the weigh station and had a full level 3 safety check (about 15 minutes of faffing around), but flew through which is always nice.

Lily and Coco spent the day at home, as I wasn't sure if I was going to get 'inside' parking at Waikanae, and the road isn't the greatest place to leave unattended horses. I'm sure they enjoyed the day off anyway.