April 05, 2010

Onslow DR - Xev

Xev had her Novice 2.4 as her first test. She was a little heavy in her transitions, but apart from that I was actually really pleased with the test. She was very willing and kind throughout.
At the end of the test she certainly thought she was finished though! I think she has gone to sleep while I do my salute!
A good 3 or so hours later I was back on board for her Novice 2.1 - sadly this ran late and she was well and truly overcooked by the time I went in. It was a shame as I thought she'd warmed up really lovely. She still did some nice work, but it's always a shame when you can feel things slipping because you've warmed up for just too long.
Xev was very pleased to be done at the end of the test - but even though she was tired and sort of 'over it' she was still making an effort to please which is fantastic. She is such a sweet horse.
Xev is being advertised in the Horse Trader at the moment, and hopefully we can get her out to some registered dressage days on good surfaces and just work on keeping her improving and going up the grades a bit.