April 05, 2010

Onslow DR - Neo

Neo's first and only test for the day was Novice 2.1 at around 4.40pm. Poor Neo had been tied to the truck the whole time waiting (though he did have lots of yummy hay to eat, so shouldn't be complaining!). He was a bit of a fool in many parts of the dressage - trying to run off or working on 3 tracks. But when he went nicely he actually did some really cute work.
I am rather tempted to keep him in work over winter - and if the others are going to dressage days he might find he gets loaded up for some as well. It will be a good learning curve for him!
The test sheet had some nice comments, and his score was about 58% which really wasn't bad at all considering he had a few movements where I'm sure he was doing an entirely different test to me! Always good fun riding Neo anyway :)