April 11, 2010

Shoes for the Greenies

This weekend Coco got her first ever shoes on - just fronts, and she was really good for it. She was a bit over it all by the time we got to the backs though, so we decided to quit on a good note and pop the backs on in a week or two when the farrier is back to do Xev and Neo.
Shante also got shoes on up at Mum's place - a full set for her (very swish). Not sure if she has had shoes on before, but she was perfect for the farrier so that is awesome.
A few random pics - first is Gem last weekend. Mum took her to a show and came 2nd in all three of her jumping events! They are doing so well together. And the other pic is of Lily at her owner's - she is coming along really nicely:
Also - have purchased a sidesaddle! So hopefully at some stage there will be pictures of Gem being a sidesaddle dolly-horse (with Mum, as I am pretty sure I'd fall off if I tried to ride sidesaddle).