October 09, 2010

Belmont Showjumping

Western Hills show today, at Belmont. The ground was insane (wet/boggy) and there were stacks of people there (35 in my first ring1 class - which is heaps for a local show) - but they sure turned on the weather for us! I think I even got sunburnt again - I really should start putting sunscreen on in the morning again - bliss!!
Gem did a couple classes in ring2 and was awesome. She even picked up 2nd place in the TableC. I tried her in the myler, as she was pulling a bit last weekend, but I think the myler was too strong (because when I came to do my second class she wasn't too keen to go forward - more just cantering on the spot). But very pleased with her.
I do need to sort out getting forward on her. For some reason I feel really unbalanced when I give her a good crest release and sit forward over the fences, so I tend to slip my reins instead. I think I will try her in a more padded jumping saddle, perhaps my hard flat seated ones just don't work well for us a combination? She is really easy to jump, so I want to be able to do better by her. Oh, and bonus cuteness - we picked up our ribbon in-hand as I was already untacked to go home, and she cantered her lap of honour with me huffing and puffing and running beside her, she thought it was super fun!
Neo had an awesome day! Though it didn't start off so great. Because last weekend I got him in the mouth a few times during that bareback round, I thought I would jump his first round in the leather bit (mullen mouth loosering snaffle, but leather mouthpiece) just to give him a bit more confidence. Well, I almost changed my mind pretty quickly as he took off, pigrooted, reefed and was generally a real toad warming up. Then I got in the ring and he was really very good.
I managed to miss a fence in the jumpoff though! So that is twice this season I have got my course wrong (and I am a person who typically never gets their course wrong - so I have no idea what is going on there... I even walked it this time! Must be old age catching up on me). But yes, so pleased with how Neo went in that bit that I came back and did the circuit in it. I was a bit unsure if he was still going to be controllable, or if he'd be a bit more full of himself. Well, he warmed up like a riding club pony just trotting along happily, then did a super round and didn't really pull at all (didn't always wait for me either! but a massive improvement on what we've had lately). I chased him into the double to get the stride and ended up getting too close to the second and clipping the rail - but it was still good enough to get him a placing.
He even went and got his ribbon with a halter instead of a bridle and cantered around with the other horses nicely in the lap of honour! So happy with him. I have tried softer bits on him before with not much luck, so I am absolutely amazed that this bit seems to be doing the trick (especially because at home he totally ignores it). I had entered the final class in ring1 but decided to end on a good note.
Managed to get home and unloaded just before it started pouring down too. Xev had a lazy day today - she is on fitness training at the moment, and will be coming out next weekend for the start of 3 weekends in a row in the Wairarapa! Oh, and thanks to Swifty for taking photos today - as he took some for me, plus a few friends too - so was out getting sunburn all day.

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Louise said...

Looks like a great day! Certainly makes me wish I could get back out and do it again.