October 03, 2010

Shante @ Solway

Shante came along to the Solway Gymkhana too - but just to have a look around (not compete). Mum hopped on her in the afternoon for a ride, and Shante went fantastic. It's only Shante's second ride in public (and her first ever canters in public too).
She is a little light in condition - but going great. She had a bit of a 'stiffen up' once when a horse came past her on a circle, and another time when a small child jumped off a fence and the wires made that twang noise. But no big panics and no bucks. All good!
And a video of Mum and Shante too:

What a clever horsey :) I belive Mum is taking her back out to Solway today to watch some of the dressage day, then she will have a few more outings to look at things, before doing the golden horse in-hand classes at Wairarapa A&P.

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