October 03, 2010

Solway - Jumping

Last update for the Solway Gymkhana is for the jumping! The jumping was actually held in the morning (before flat classes), but quite nice - it meant that I was finished all of my riding well before lunchtime. Sadley Xev sprung a shoe the night before, so I didn't want to jump her over bigger fences - and got Mum to do the 65 & 80cm classes just so she'd have a bit of an outing. Was all going well, but Mum lost a bit of balance and plopped off the side while turning a corner. Xev is going awesome though - so the farrier will be out hopefully tomorrow to come and sort out that shoe - because Xev has quite a few outings planned over the next month! She is in fab condition too, and her summer coat is coming through really nicely. I am thinking I want to ride her in the sidesaddle classes at Manawatu A&P (but have still not been brave enough to try the canter again! what a wimp I am).
Next up for the jumping was Gem in the 80cm. She hasn't had much work just lately, so was very full of herself! Not being naughty at all - but rather keen, and the french link just wasn't quite enough brakes. About halfway through the round she started listening nicely though and did a lovely double-clear. I got left behind a few times though (first pic below haha). Gem will probably do some showhunter classes next weekend at Belmont/Western Hills.
I was running late for my first class on Neo (90cm), and the judges were certainly in no mood to wait, which was a little unfortunate. But I didn't want to miss out on doing the class as a nice warmup for him, so I ended up heading in bareback. Because I hadn't had a chance to warmup (not even one practise fence) I was a bit mean with my hands - not letting my arms go to his mouth. We did go clear though, which is pretty neat. The next class we came back with our saddle and my arms much better! He was a bit tanky though. Today I rode him in a friend's leather bit, nice and soft, as an apology for my hard hands yesterday and he seemed to really appreciate that.
Thanks to Swifty for coming and taking photos. Oh, and yesterday was also my first time having 3 in the float - and over the Makara, Haywards & Rimutaka hills the patrol was sweet as to tow the 3 hacks, so that is good to know.

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