October 17, 2010

Saddle Up at Foxton

Mum took Shante over to Foxton on Saturday for the Saddle-up show. There is in-hand in the morning, followed by ridden classes afterwards. Shante travelled really well, and behaved herself beautifully in the in-hand classes, picked up a ribbon in the mare class as well.
When it came time to tack-up for the ridden things were not as easy! Shante was a bit upset and needed to be lunged first, and not as settled as her last few "go along to watch" outings, but she got there eventually. Different saddlepad and different girth sleeve to usual as well, so possibly a lot to take in.
So they did ring classes, Shante's first ever time being ridden amongst other horses like that - in a circle with others trotting around (though they did do their canters alone, but did them nicely and on both reins).
So they came home with a neckful of ribbons, though it took some effort to get them on (and Shante would not have a bar of the judge trying to do it). 1st trotting horse, 2nd mare in-hand, 2nd p&m?, 3rd rider, 4th turnout. Not a bad haul!
Then today they headed out to Solway dressage (though I think that was just to watch again). Busy weekends for Shante! Not sure where she is headed next weekend - but there are lots of things on at this time of year, so I'm sure she will be out and about seeing all sorts of new things.

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