October 17, 2010

Carterton Carnival

Carterton / South Wairarapa Spring Carnival yesterday for me. Left Neo at home, and just took the mares along (which didn't prove to be the best move ever, as he launched himself over/through a cattleyard while the grazing owner was trying to move him... oops). Anyway, Gem was great! We did the 80cm class which was an A1 - and did a nice clear round for a pretty purple ribbon.

Gem also did a lovely double clear in the 90cm, but just not fast enough to pick up a placing. Very happy with her though - didn't do any crazy turns, but kept tight and did some nice angles. I did get left behind a bit at one fence that we jumped a bit weird and got smacked in the chest by her wither! I have been making a real effort to get forward over the fences on her, and it seems to be working - but my lower leg is really loose on her (more so than on other horses)... need to sort it out!

We also did the 1m which Gem rocked around happily, a couple rails - but not fussed about that. Happy that she is such a willing horse. I need to stop pussying around with the low classes and move her up the heights a bit I think. No shows for Gem next weekend, but the following weekend she will come up to Wairarapa A&P for saddle hunteres and working hunters.

Xev started off with the 90cm class and a nice double-clear, but over the first few jumps she was distracted by the mini horses on the other side of the fence, not a huge thing - just meant I couldn't get her 100% focused. Again the time wasn't good enough for a placing (there were some fast rounds!).

our 1m start was a bit of a stuff-up! A bunch of walkers in fluro vests (fundraising or awareness raising I guess?) walked past and set the minis into "swarm mode" as we were a few strides out from jump1 - poor Xev was terrified and got over the first fence then made a beeline for anywhere that was not near minis. So we retired from that round and I walked her over to introduce her to the minis (she still wasn't keen on them, but doesn't seem to mind them when they stand still!). Wasn't sure what this was going to mean for my 1.10 class, but it was fine.

She had a good spook at the minis when we came around to that same corner, but she jumped really nicely and reminds me what a pleasure she is to ride. No ribbon for us in the 1.10, but really happy with her and feel it's a great warmup event for the ESNZ showjumping next weekend where she is entered in showhunters and 1.10m showjumping.

Thanks to Swifty for coming over the hill to take photos. And thanks to the Wairarapa for turning on some awesome weather. I did come prepared with sunscreen this time, but am still burnt - it would appear that you need to apply the sunscreen for it to have any effect.

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