October 18, 2006

another fantastic day

the sun has really been out lately - and the wind down too. perfect riding weather, pretty much perfect anything weather actually. got Silviapples in and did some more truck loading and she's just walking straight on which is nice, then she had a rest in the sun while Swifty did soduku puzzles and I got ready to ride.

I did a few little jumps, her legs seem to be feeling fine - and when Meredith turned up she hopped on Surf and gave us a lead into the creek to give Silvi some confidence in the water - by the end of the session she was happily walking in and out of the creek even in slightly more difficult and new spots.

As for her legs - here are some photos, the ones on the left are a few days after the accident, and the ones on the right I took today after giving them a hose down.
off hind close up:
It is looking a bit more scabby now, but a lot of the open parts of the wound have closed up and there is now no heat/filling in it.

in the newer photo you can see how well her near hind is healing up.

and I have hairdye now, just got to get the motivation to do her tail as the white bits at the end of it just make it look even shorter and ruder than it already is.