October 15, 2006


Silvi's new grazing is quite a bit closer to my place (bang on 3km), so Saturday I was hoping to get out there and have a ride or at least give her a good brush... but it turns out the horses have a lot of settling in to do yet and there was much squealing and kicking and bad behaviour which resulted in a lot of worked up and stressed out horses and me with a bashed up hand. Joy.

I did manage to muck out Silvi's temporary paddock, which was hilarious as Silvi was obviously keen for attention and kept getting in my face and showing off to me by prancing around. Very cute. Here are some pics of when we put her into the paddock Friday afternoon.

There are 3 horses that are all a bit uppity around Silvi, but the other 3 all seem pretty laid back and so I popped her into the paddock with them.