October 31, 2006

jumping around

So we haven't jumped in ages, and we're supposed to try a baby ODE this weekend. Figured it was about time I tried Silvi over a few fences in succession (a bit like a course - so she has at least seen something like it).

She was really good after having a break, only wobbled a little over the first 2 jumping efforts and then straightened up and got her balance sorted. She didn't have any problems today except veering a little to the right in the double (photos below) - it was the only time she veered and it may have had something to do with her grazing buddies all being on that side.

While I was warming up, Swifty got the shovel and tidied up the ditch a little bit and she was such a superstar about it - went and just popped over it the very first time like an old hand. So we'll forgive her that she looks like someone crossed a moose with a camel and asked it to jump over tyres in the next photo! She seems pretty good about these few XC type fences I've put her at.

And that was about it. I tried to make a little course and she was good, didn't have to trot any corners but did have to 'dressage canter' a number of them to not overshoot. So then Silvi got to have a rest while Swifty and I spent 90 minutes mucking out the paddock. Fun.