October 08, 2006


Thursday I did some flatwork and Silvi was a little uptight, but generally good. Did some practise of 20m circles and a few loops as we hadn't really done those things, and they were in our dressage tests for the coming weekend.

Friday I found out that Silviapples will have to move grazing - as Wendy has got 2 more fur-children coming from Christchurch and needs the space for them as she will be working one-on-one with them a lot.
So for Friday we just did some canter work in Silvi's paddock, and practised crossing the creek at some different points. Also loaded the truck up with lots of our stuff so that we're all set to go when we find new grazing.

I also plaited... I know it's only an adult riding club show, but I figured it was good practise for Silvi (standing still!) and good practise for me (plaiting!). I washed her tail (okay, so that doesn't take much effort) and switched my bridle to the fancy Courbette soft rubber reins that I've been storing since buying them over winter.