October 15, 2006

so lazy

I'm so very lazy - it's like a week since the last update. So after the first show she had Sunday off and just got a feed.

Monday I rode her bareback, and did quite a bit of lateral work - she gets quite confused with it, but she did make some good progress. It was actually easier for me bareback because I could feel what her legs were doing much easier.

Tuesday I got out to the farm to find she'd gone through a fence or kicked out and got caught (believe that insects were stressing her out and she kicked out in a bit of a wrong place wrong time situation). She'd lost a fair bit of skin and hair on the front of her hocks. I cleaned it up as best as I could and then put some antiseptic on it, though she didn't like me touching it.

Wednesday she was even more touchy so I cleaned her up again, but could only get the antiseptic on the 2 worst parts and couldn't really massage it in at all. Poor sore horsey.

Thursday she was much better, let me gently rub her legs while I was hosing them so I could get rid of the leftover cream from the last few days. There was noticeably less heat in her legs too, and I got to massage the scarring a bit and put on some more healing cream.

Friday was quite stressful - we were moving her to new grazing and for the first time ever she loaded really badly. Took about 30 minutes. Not sure what her problem was, but she was certainly feeling well and no stiffness or lameness on the legs (still sore to touch though), and they'd stopped breaking open with her walking around, so that's good - will help keep them clean. The drive to her new grazing was quite short (just out of the valley) but Swifty had to drive by himself so I could get the FTO back home - and there were heaps of vehicles on the road, lots of oversized trucks, a car accident, and Swifty reshaped a roadsign when a 4WD wouldn't give him any space on the road. Got where we needed to be all happy and safe though.