October 15, 2006

riding again

Feels like forever since I've gone for a ride. I got out there today and Silvi wasn't where I left her, but quite a few of the electric tape 'gates' had come open in the wind, so who knows what actually happened. Still having problems with the 3 horses, but I at least managed to get her past them today and into another solo paddock until their owner could come out to tie them all up. Then I got to tie Silvi to the truck and saddle her up for a ride!

She was great to ride, no naughtiness and also no uneven paces - so her legs must be feeling quite good. I only did a short ride, but we did walk, trot and canter... so I'm really pleased with that.

Stables and storage areas - although both areas are locked so I think you have to get specific permission to use them.

and one of the riding areas (you can sort of see some of the jumps) and the gateway which is well back from the road.

The place is about 1km from the motorway which should be good for getting to shows - not that I have any idea what my next outing will be at the moment. Perhaps Solway for eventing.