February 26, 2009

Devon sold & Beau arrives

Devon has sold, before he was even officially on the market. He's been sold to a lovely farm home in Rotorua. I still get to compete him this weekend, so it'll be great to see how he goes at his first ever show. His new owner is super excited and can't wait to have him at home in her paddocks.
So with a dwindling number of horses in the paddocks I have been lucky to have Beau ("Distelfunque") arrive today. Beau will be here to come back into work - he's a little, ah, tubby at the moment! Then head to a few shows before his owner looks to lease him out to the perfect home for a few years. He's a stunning looking boy, and I can't wait to get him into work and see if he jumps as good as most Distelfinks do.