February 17, 2009

Zak wears a bit

Yesterday Zak had a bit on for the first time. It was just a colt / anti-rearing bit, soaked in molasses. After putting it in his mouth about 3 or 4 times he was happy to hold the bit properly so I buckled it on and left him for a few minutes while I put a rug on Princess beside him. He had a good chew of it and wasn't fussed at all when I took it back off him and popped it back in his mouth a few times.
Today I decided to have a go with a real bridle. He wasn't sure about all this leather everywhere to begin with... but once he noticed the molasses he grabbed the bit straight away and let me put the bridle on him without much fuss.
We went for a short walk down the driveway and he had an eat of some grass. He was constantly mouthing the bit, but not worried by it. You can see in the pic below how much of his mother's son he is - look at those ears! Odette would be proud:
He was good having the bridle taken off again, and very happy to get his breakfast after that. I'm pleased with how relaxed he's being. He's not 100% perfect like an old pro, but he's learning quickly and certainly seems to trust me which is a good thing!
Devon has been jumping his little log with a bit more enthusiasm and is doing really nicely in his canter work. Much sharper transitions and I think being worked every day he is getting the fitness and muscle to sustain the canter a lot more comfortably.
Princess is still not working into a contact well... but the simple things are coming right. She is a lot more trusting and less spooky. She's also getting tidier in her transitions and just a lot easier to hack out without causing any fuss. Her coat is coming nice too, a few coarse areas still, but mostly nice and glossy and sleek.