February 16, 2009

Masterton A&P: Grace

Poor Grace came over in the truck with me on Friday first thing in the morning, and her classes weren't on until 1.45pm Sunday! She coped well with being away from home and yarded or tied to the truck each day. I gave her the day off on Friday, but had a ride around the fairground on Saturday. At first she was very nervous of the sideshows (more the children screaming and the massive amounts of noise), but after she'd worked through that she was fine, and certainly not bothered by the rest of the goings-on. We were entered in the pleasure horse ring, so no jackets and no plaiting. Felt like a fraud getting ready as it took no time at all! Our classes were held in the main oval, but they did put a few breaks in the schedule to do the motorbikes, but thankfully that didn't bother Grace.
She was absolutely perfect in the ring and not bothered at all by horses coming up behind her. She was working really kindly and listening well.
Her listening made for good transitions, which I think helped up to pick up a blue ribbon for 2nd place in the 'Best Combination' class. This is Grace's first A&P ribbon! Yay Grace. We also went in the walking & trotting classes - she went nicely but didn't place. Then it was hometime for Grace (and the rest of the mob!).