February 16, 2009

Masterton A&P: Neo

Neo had pinto classes on Saturday... and what a nightmare trying to find them! The designated area wasn't marked on any of the maps, and we got sent to the wrong place several times. Eventually we found them though, and got there before our classes. It was right beside the antique tractors, and though it didn't seem to bother the horses, it did make it really loud and impossible to hear anything.
Neo's first class was 'Gelding or Stallion, 4 years & over' which he placed 2nd in! Absolutely stoked with that result. Then he had a Movement class which he didn't place in (unsurprising!) and 'Best Colour' - he took home a yellow for 3rd in that class.
His last in-hand class for the day was 'Suitability for Jumping' which was quite a big class, and he won it! What a good little Neo-man! He'll have to do a few more of these pinto classes I think.
After Mum finished the in-hand I took him in a couple of ridden pinto classes, but they're basically flat classes (no jumping, or even suitability for jumping type classes) - so obviously he wasn't going to take home any ribbons. But it was a really good experience for him, he's never done ring classes! his transitions were all really calm and lovely too - but his paces a bit rushed.. so the schooling I'm doing at home is having some impact, it's all just time for it to really come together I think.
I'd entered in some Round The Ring jumping, but it was behing held in the main oval which was really slippery - after watching a few horses literally fall over I thought it best to scratch and Neo went and had some hay in his yard instead.