February 17, 2009

Masterton A&P: The Others

We ended up not competing nearly as many as we'd expected at the show due to a few last minute changes.

Dee was scratched from her classes, as she was sold and delivered to her new mommy on Thursday.

Kody had to be pulled out of all of the pinto classes as he had an abscess come up on Thursday night / Friday morning. We tried to soak it and get it to burst, but it just wouldn't come out in time for his classes. A real shame, but now he's spending some time at Mum's place to do a bit more growing.

Gem was entered for the led sporthorse classes but couldn't be competed because of class clashes with the welsh ponies.

And Zak wasn't competing, but he came over in Mum's truck on Sunday afternoon and has now come home with me to start his education!