February 17, 2009

Masterton A&P: Violet

Alicia (Violet's new owner) kindly lent Vi back to me for the weekend so that I could have a crack at an elementary dressage test for the first time ever. We started on Friday with a simple Novice test which went fairly awful - Vi seemed very distracted - I wasn't sure if it was pain related or just being naughty. So I gave her a good rest before the afternoon level 3 test. She warmed up much better the second time around, but still seemed uncomfortable - I believe it's her teeth. The vet noticed some hooks that need to be filed down, so I believe they must be giving her some trouble as she is most unhappy coming into a contact, but then okay once she's there. Alicia has got onto this and the dentist is all booked. I was absolutely stoked with our test. Vi went kindly and I felt that I mostly rode accurately (except for the point where I did a circle in the wrong spot, and the judge was very snarky about it).
We got a score of 54%, which is well below what Violet has achieved with her previous mommy, but I was wrapt anyway. We also took home a ribbon for our efforts. The next day we were entered in Saddle hunter and Working hunter classes. I decided to only do the saddle hunters and not any of the jumping classes seeing as she was already a bit uncomfortable in the mouth and the ground was very slippery.
Violet went super, and won her Novice hunter class, then came 3rd in both the Paced & Mannered, and Lightweight Hunter classes. Alicia also came over on Saturday afternoon to visit Vi and feed her some mini donuts (lucky horse).