March 11, 2007

battle hill ODE

Mum came down about midnight after finishing some work things, and then we got up around 6am to head out to the grazing and pick up Silvi, and then come back in to Battle Hill. The drive was good and Silvi was well behaved (except for peeing in the truck as soon as we loaded her!). She did a really tidy dressage test (mostly 7's) and was a total lamb, but we felt she wasn't quite right and perhaps could do with a session of physio to iron out any uncomfy bits from that big absess she had - so we headed home again. Maybe a waste of a day, but still nice to get out. Also, her tail is growing!!:

Coming home early also gave us the chance to spend some time with Odette and Zak who are both still looking very cute, but maybe a bit skinny - I really must get onto moving them onto the new property.