March 23, 2007


Have been doing some shopping lately, getting things that we need for the place. I have somehow turned from the master consumer able to impulse purchase in a split second, into a boring old price-obsessed matron.

Last weekend I headed up to Otaki to get some electric fencing equipment, and I've started to make a semi-permanent fence running up towards the house so that horses in either half of that paddock can come up for apples in the morning.

Yesterday I loaded the car up with a huge wheelbarrow and and even bigger shovel (I will be able to pick up an entire poo with this shovel), and a mop for the kitchen floor (as the last one died a horrible death in Johnsonville). Also got some lightbulbs for the garage so that Nick can actually see what he's doing in there. The other day we also got a whiteboard for the garage. Exciting. Oh, and a nossle for the hose ($2!).

Still on the shopping list (read: trademe watchlist!) we have:
fire tools so we don't have to stick bare hands in the logburner
  • a couch that seats more than 2
  • a lawnmower (2 stroke mowers are expensive it seems)
  • a dining table
I've found quite a few things that look good, just wanting to look around a bit more before getting brave and hitting 'buy now' on anything. Lawns seriously need mowing though.