March 07, 2007


So Nick's parents have given us some good firewood (brilliant), now we just need to go collect some more kindling and we'll be all set for any cold snaps or chilly nights that come along.

A flatmate (Libby) has been found, and will move in later this month (still probably before my horses do!). And I've unpacked a few more areas of the house... still got a bit to do, but I'm taking it rather slowly. Nick tells me the garage is all set up, but I barely venture in there as it is designated 'car area' and at the moment I do not have a car. No worries though, the undercover parking down the drive is designated 'horse transport area' - and I do have one of those!

This Sunday there is a horse event just 2km from the house - will be great when the horses are living here (and until then I guess it just means that I can come home for lunch if I get hungry midway through the day!).