March 05, 2007


So we've spent our first night in the house now, and it's really quite awesome. The fireplace works really well, and the dishwasher is on at the moment (noisy, but seems to go), and I reckon I got the biggest washing machine on earth through trademe for a steal - just did 7 towels... was only half a load!

So on the 24th Feb I had to be out of the old place - so I got some movers around and they stacked 90% of my stuff into the truck... then I nabbed Nick's parent's Isuzu bighorn and trailer and filled those up too... and proceeded to be homeless for a while.

Moving in was 28th Feb and went fairly smoothly. Swifty and I unpacked the car and trailer, then later Nick and I unpacked the truck using our big muscles (yes, even my big fridge and bed!). This was made easier by using the winch on the truck and pretty much backing into the lounge:

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent the day showing people around (prospective flatmates) and Mum came down with electric fence stuff and sorting out where she is going to lay claim to for building a MumHut.

So yeah, house is cool.