March 24, 2007

tools tools tools

We're feeling a lot more set up - getting little things to make life easier, unpacking things we already had, and moving more of Nick's tools over. It's been a very industrious weekend so far too - the wheelbarrow we got has been built!

I should have taken a picture of it finished too! But I promise it's up and going now, and looks just like every other wheelbarrow out there.

And the garage is taking shape - Nick put together his engine stand today (his Valentine's day present from me) and then we also got some additional lighting for the garage which should be good for working on engine bays or something I assume? I don't really know, but I'm told they're going to be useful, so this must be a good thing.

Thinking I'd do something nice I put together the lights tonight. Now you can tell by the photo that I got them operational and pieced together... but it wasn't without difficulty - you see, I opened the packaging and there weren't any instructions! Not even a diagram! I put them together wrong several times before working it out, and I got a cold bum sitting on the garage floor too.

New flatmate moved in today too (Libby) which is cool. Her parents are also looking at dropping off a load of firewood for winter which is great! Along with the load from Nick's parents we should be set for the cold nights coming. People keep telling us we're going to freeze here in winter. I'm trying to block my ears and not hear them.