March 24, 2007


Silvi has finally moved into the new place! Went really well actually, Nick came in the truck with me (but the drive was really quite good, and no worries keeping up with motorway speed). Silvi plodded straight on the truck and travelled really well.

Took her a few minutes to settle in the raceway at home, and then I let her in with Odette and Zak. She was going to have her own paddock, but there had been a scrap at the grazing and she's got a puffy leg now so I wanted her in the dry paddock for that and for that old healing absess. Anyway, there were a few squeals but everyone was fine by about 15 minutes.

Zak is really excited to have another horse around (he's only been paddocked with Odette before) and Odette, after initial anoyance, has decided that it's nice to have someone older and more sensible to talk to as well.

So now all 3 horses can get right up to the house (their paddock meets up with the edge of the garden - so I can see them from my bedroom window). I've also made a semi-permanent electric fence up there so that horses on either side of that paddock can come up to the house to get snacks and attention.

I also picked up a heap of poo, trying to catch up on my lazy days. And I cut out some gorse so that the paddock is a bit more tidy - still heaps to go though!