January 06, 2008

Neo at BH

This was Neo's first outing in the truck where he hasn't been out jumping. I thought it would be good for him to just do something chilled out. He had a good look around when we arrived, but was quite settled and certainly didn't seem to mind just doing flatwork for the day.

Neo's trot work is getting much better - he's getting softer in the mouth and through the neck. He's also improving at moving off my leg. I'm really happy with the way his trots are progressing:
Canters are still taking some effort, with a bit of a run into most transitions. But I'm now able to 'sit' to the canters more (where previously any weight on his back and he'd immediately transition back to a trot). So I think he's building up the muscle and confidence to do what is being asked of him... just a bit more time before it's all perfect:
From where I was riding you can see the top of the farm that joins my place. Right at the top of the hills in the distance (in the first pic below, and please excuse Neo's messy bum) is as far as I can get from my place without opening any gates. One day I will organise myself and find out how to ride from my place all the way to Battle Hill - should be quite an enjoyable wee trek for the horses.