January 20, 2008

Scuba's first show! Yay!

Scuba had his first outing as a grown-up horse today. Just doing 2 showhack classes so he'd get a bit of a taste of it, without getting too tired and grouchy (or is that without me getting too grouchy from doing flat classes?). Either way... he was well behaved while we fussed over getting him ready and heading out towards the ring:

Warmed up really nicely, not too fussed by all the commotion. Had a bit of eyes-on-sticks a few times, but good with scary things like horses cantering up behind him and ponies hooning past. Warmups:

After a bit of mucking around we found out where I ring was being held and headed over there for the first class:
We did Maiden Showhack, and Open Parkhack. He got a bit tired in the second class, but was good about standing around and doing things that you have to do in flat classes. Being judged:
I was really pleased with him, and it seems the judge was too. He got 2nd in the Maiden, and 4th in the Open. Stoked for his first time out under saddle. Ribbons:
Got one more outing of flat classes lined up, then I think it's time for Scuba to try a small showhunter course.