January 20, 2008

Ring1 debut for Neo

Neo and Scuba went out to Waikanae show today. Neo was entered for a few small showhunter classes, and the 1m class in showjumping Ring1. My plan was to walk to course and see how I felt about the 1m class, before really deciding to jump it or not.

Our showhunter 70cm round was first up, and was awful! Admittadly I hadn't warmed up, and fence 1 was pointing directly at the carnival over the fence... but really no excuse. It was quite a messy round. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do after that! Though when jumping he seemed like a happy chap:
So we wandered over to the showjumping and had a look at the course. It was a fairly meaty 1m, which didn't make me any more keen to do it, but I popped him over a few practise fences and he felt quite happy. The first part of the course wasn't the prettiest, but he was trying very hard to please. At first I wasn't sure if I should just do the first few fences and then retire, but he seemed to be getting more confident as the course went on so we stuck at it:
By the last half of the course he was just flying around like an old pro, even got me out of a tight spot where I completely misjudged the takeoff. What a good boy. Pics:
More pictures! Just because he's such a cutie:
I was so stoked with his performance in the 1m that we scratched from the next showhunter and just took him home for carrots and cuddles.

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