January 20, 2008

XC Tussock

Took Tussock down to Battle Hill tonight to take her around some of the XC jumps and for Cheryl to watch. She was a little gem. Warmed up really nicely on the flat, and is getting quite a bit more supple in her flatwork:
Then Cheryl arrived and a bit of a crowd was starting to gather to watch:
So we headed to a small log to use as a warmup fence. She popped straight over it first go, and seemed quite balanced and confident:
Next we headed to do a few more straightforward fences (ramp, brush, little drop etc):
And then it was time for the slightly more 'scary' fences - the water and the bank. She was a real superstar going straight up and down the bank without batting an eyelid. Took some coaxing to get into the murky waterjump, but once in she was happy to pop in and out from a variety of approaches. Into and out of the water:
More water and the bank:
To finish off we did a mini course which I'll pop up on youtube soon. All-up it was a very successful outing and Tussock will soon be going back home to continue getting more mileage with her regular riders.