January 06, 2008

Scoobs at BH

Took the little boys down to Battle Hill today, as Dan is a bit footsore (no shoes on the poor boy) so it wasn't worthwhile heading up to Solway for the dressage day. So I thought I'd take them to Battle Hill and do some flatwork just for an outing anyway.

Still working on settling Scuba on the flat, trying to encourage him to stretch. A long way to go - but we are starting to make some progress - he's relaxing more through his back and neck. The first trot picture is from early in our ride, and the second one is after a good warmup:
Scoob's canter is still really fantastic for a young horse - he's so balanced and does nice tidy transitions. Canter pics:
We didn't do a long ride, just enough for him to have an outing and do some work. He doesn't seem worried at all about travelling or being in new places. He also stood perfectly by the truck while I was out on Neo. Now have to sort out when Scuba's first show will be (seems like it's forever being postponed!). Last few pics: