January 13, 2008

Tussock jumping

Took little Tussock the kai down to the arena today to try some showjumps (after popping her over some logs at home earlier in the week). She was really great! Her flatwork is improving and she's listening a lot more - after being a little confused by the crossbars she got into the swing of it and I think she was really enjoying it.
Approaching the first, and getting the hang of these crossrails:
Then we did some work on combinations, which didn't bother her in the slightest -so after that it was off to try some of the 'big kids' jumps with fillers. She was a bit more wary of these, but again just took some time to get her head around the idea and then was sweet. A pretty good effort for her second time jumping. Really stoked with how she's coming along.
Barrells and picket fence:
It will be really great to see Tussock in a few weeks when she's jumping with the young girl who rides her! (instead of me squishing her!).