March 17, 2009

Clareville XC: Alfie

Headed up to the Wairarapa this afternoon to do some crosscountry schooling. As Alfie has been going kindly Mum had agreed to come out and jump him. She went great with him, and will take him back to her place and put a bit more low level jumping mileage into him in low key environments. Warming up and a little crossbar:
Ramp and baby trakhener. It must be about 20 years now since the last time Mum jumped an XC fence, so very stoked with how both her and Alfie were going. Alfie just popped over absolutely everything that he was pointed at.
The waterjump was fantastic! Alfie went straight in (though you can see by the picture, he certainly wasn't doing it with any flair! just walking over the little log). After playing in the water for a bit Mum came around and took him down the jump into the water and he flew in - what a brave Alfie horse!
Hopefully we'll get some more jumping updates from Mum and Alfie as they head out to a few shows before the winter weather sets in (when Alfie will get turned out again to grow and fill out a bit more, as he has been having little growth spurts all season and really needs a bit of time again to just grow into himself).