March 18, 2009

Clareville XC: Anna

Anna hasn't seen crosscountry fences before - and as we were warming up we had to go past a small ramp and she was snorting and staring at it each time we went past! I figured that probably wasn't the best start! But when she cantered into it she seemed to know what to do and flew over it nicely! We did another basic fence and then headed off to try some trickier things. She was great with the skinny larger chevron - never even considered ducking out the side or anything.
The corner was great too - cantered her into the larger side and she started to drift to I just pushed her over with my leg and she kept on course and jumped it super! I was stoked! The ditch took a few attempts to get up to it, but once she was at it she kept going forward and jumped over it (though her style of jumping the ditch so low to the ground is pretty hilarious!).
We did a few more simple fences which she was good with (then had a freakout at the mini pony over the fence). She never batted an eyelid at the trakhener, and went straight into the water first pop! A bit untidy on our jump up the bank to exit the water - but she got the idea soon enough.
All up it was a fantastic evening. I am incredibly impressed with all of the horses, and so glad to see Mum and Alfie jumping confidently together. Thanks again to Swifty for coming out and doing photos, and providing conversation on the way home as it was pitch black on the drive home and I was starting to get tired! Luckily Brad came down to help hold torches and things to unload when we got home. But yes, very pleased with the ponies, many hugs for them!