March 15, 2009

Manakau Sports -flat

As Alfie is no longer eligible for Novice classes, I thought I'd take Anna in the novice showhack just for something a bit different. She seemed happy to comply with my strange request of her and warmed up kindly.
One we got into the ring she was a real gem! No worries about the other horses and not too fussed by all the distractions ringside. She was going really nicely, though not always working from behind, but that will come as we get to know each other.
Absolutely stoked to get called in, and then a 3rd place ribbon. The class was quite big too, and Anna isn't exactly the typical colour for the showring... so I was really excited about that! A good start to her showing career indeed.
Poor Alfie had been warmed up in the morning, but still had the 'quick change' as I hopped off Anna, tied her at the truck and got onto him then straight into his class. So he was a bit uptight for that first class, which is a shame. Didn't do anything wrong, but just was a bit wavery looking like a greenie.
He was perfect by his second class though, didn't put a foot wrong, but just not what the judge was looking for. I was happy with him though. He's really good in the group too (as I had to navigate my way past a few clumps of horses that weren't going forward at all). Baby horse is growing up a bit!
My friend Tamara kindly agreed to ride Beau for me in the hunter flat classes (as they were on at the same time as the showhacks, so I wouldn't have been able to be in 2 places at once and poor Beau would have missed out). Beau was a bit unimpressed at doing flat classes again, and was a bit nappy in the first class - but they quickly got the hang of each other.
In their 2nd class they were looking a great pair (paced and mannered). They were going really lovely and did a fantastic workout putting them in for a 4th place ribbon.
I'd finished by flat classes by the time Tamara had her rider class - so I got to watch that. I thought they did another lovely workout. And Beau was starting to listen nicely to Tamaras aids. Love the pic below of them winding up for the gallop in one of the workouts!