March 25, 2009

Te Marua XC

Took Sam and Anna out yesterday for twilight crosscountry practise at Te Marua. Not the variety of fences or the height that there was at Clareville - which was a bit disappointing. But mainly I wanted to focus on the bits in between the jumps, and getting them cantering along nicely.

Sam went really well. He was a little naughty at a few fences, but he was going forward between the fences so much better, and staying focused on me rather than on everything else that was going on. Really happy with that.

Sam video:

Anna went great - no spooks, had a bit of a look at the water first time - but flew over everything else with no worries (she should! they were small) - but still a good little outing for her.

Anna video:

Hopefully some showjumping tomorrow for the horses that didn't go XC yesterday, and then a show next door on Sunday. A bit of a busy week for us.