March 16, 2009

Manakau Sports -sj

Beau did the maiden round the ring (apologies for the hilarious pic, it's the first of the double and I'm not sure if he was expecting to see another fence on the other side! haha). He actually went really well - we slipped a little into the first so I kept him laid back for the rest... which resulted in us trotting into the coop! What a laugh. Anyway - he did go clear, but it wasn't the tidiest round! At least he's seen proper RTR fences now, so next time will be a blast :) After that it was time to go watch the fancy dress... how cool is that zebra?!
Our 80cm round was great (though rather under-height, I think). He was really happy to just cruise around. No idea how we did as it was one of those optimum time events and I was just trying to get a nice consistent round.
When we came back for the 90cm round he was jumping even better. Seemed happy to jump from that slightly longer/better spot, and even got through the long 1-stride double (off a tight corner) beautifully. I was stoked, and he gave me a super clear round which put us into the jumpoff.
Unfortunately back at the truck the greenies were just getting too tired and twitchy from a long day and started to cause issues... so we decided to pull the plug and go home. Such a shame, as Beau missed out on his jumpoff and poor Neo missed out on EVERYTHING! Next time out I'm skipping the flat classes so that the day isn't quite as long, and making sure that Neo gets to do a good few rounds!
Thanks so much to Swifty for the pics, and Brad for the video (now just to get my desktop PC working so I can get the videos onto the net!). And thanks to whoever turned on the stunning weather! Made for a lovely day.