March 17, 2009

Clareville XC: Beau

Beau warmed up over a few showjumping fences, and then onto the XC. He was really good with the plain solid fences and was quite happy to pop over them (though he was at times distracted by all the other horses, once we got going he focused on me nicely).
Then we moved on to I guess slightly more technical fences. He was good with the chevrons, but we had to start with the baby corner to give him the idea of what was going on, before tackling the double sided corner. He was good once he figured out what I wanted though.
Beau was super with the water too! Marched straight in, and jumped off the bank beautifully from the first time. Was even really happy hopping off the larger option at the water. I had expected he might be a bit spooky with the water, so was very pleasantly surprised that he was so good! He trotted through the water and jumped up the bank on the other side perfectly each time too.
The mileage is certainly going a long way for Beau - he had barely worked up any sort of sweat after jumping. And he's getting a lot more confident with all these different types of outings after mostly being a showjumper previously.