March 30, 2009

Coming & Going

This morning I headed out in the truck to pick up 'Dani'. He has just finished a month of groundwork re-training (and was a dream to load and has been great to handle so far, brilliant). Dani is a 6yo NZTB gelding who will do some schooling and then go up for sale on behalf of his owner. I had my first ride on him today and he was quite unbalanced, but did everything that was asked of him.
Then around midday 'Xev' arrived on a transporter. She is a 7yo cleveland bay cross mare who has come to get some mileage and go on the market. She was lovely to ride today -very easy and nice steady paces. I can't wait to try her out over fences.
Yesterday both Sam & Beau went back to their owners. Sam's rider had a great day at the show with him and really looked to be riding him beautifully, which will only serve to improve confidence for both of them. Beau is still available for lease but is having a break from competition for the moment.
Updates on recent departures
Prince is feeling great after another short recovery period (pulled a muscle jumping on slippery ground, even with studs in!) - he may do some winter dressage events. His paddockmate, Princess, and her new rider are getting to know each other well and may tag along for some dressage events before doing trail riding in the new season.
Dee was at the show yesterday with her new owner and put in a lovely double-clear showjumping round.
The rest of the team
  • Neo is still in work and competing. May not do any eventing this time around though - but perhaps some dressage starts for him just for something different. And, of course, showjumping until the season finishes. He will get turned out over winter to grow again (fingers crossed he makes 16hh).
  • Zak has been backed and is now on holiday to be a baby horse. For the moment he is in the paddock here at odenhills, however I am looking for real turnout grazing preferably with a small herd of horses to really give his mind a break from all the goings-on around here.
  • Pippa is getting a session or two a week on basic handling. It's a very slow road with her - and I hope the rewards are there in the end. We were going to send her away to be backed, but she is seeming a lot more ready in her mind at the moment so I may just do it myself.
  • Alfie is up with Mum and will be doing a few small jumping / eventing starts before the end of the season and then going on turnout to fill out a bit. I expect he will go out with Zak as they are great mates and I'm sure they'd love to spend winter being silly together.
  • Gem is in light work, and should be attending some dressage shows in the not-too-distant future. Unsure as yet if this will be with Mum, or if Gem will come down here. I think it depends a bit on the weather and timing while Mum is still working fulltime.
  • Kody is loving his break and has grown again. Almost time to bring him back in and get him to some winter events. Hopefully Tielcey Park will run their combined training days again this year as I think those would be perfect for him.