August 19, 2009


Well, Gem is finally starting to feel a bit better. At this stage we are thinking it was most likely a mild colic / tummy ache from me switching their hay from meadow to rich clover. I didn't ride Gem on Monday, and on Tuesday she was ok... but seemed a bit depressed? Standing with her head almost on the ground. Much perkier today, still a little 'off' to ride - but at least on the road to recovery. She's lost a bit of weight through it - so going to get her some more of the meadow baleage that she likes, plus a wormer and keep a good eye on her. Don't want our little Gemmy getting sick! Today I also popped her over a few fences and she seemed comfortable enough doing that (though a little surprised that they weren't crossbars!).
Neo got to have a play in the sunshine too. I did some grids on him - he goes through them so nicely, it really is fun to just sit there while he does all the work.
He was a bit more forward when we started jumping some related lines though. Who has been feeding my horse the speedy-juice? Because Neo does not need any more speed - he has plenty enough thanks. He is jumping really nicely at the moment - hopefully this means I can start to move him up in height this season!
Xev's tail is getting whiter! My scrubbing and washing and more washing and rinsing and scrubbing as not been in vain. A lot more of it to come yet though.
Didn't do anything special on the flat with Xev today - she was feeling a little stiff after yesterday's workout, so I just wanted to get her moving along happily.
We popped over a few crossbars, and then went for a walk to make sure she was cooled down well and gave her muscles a good chance to stretch out. She really enjoyed just unwinding like that from her ride, so I think I will make more of an effort to give her a short hack (perhaps even on the road) after I do arena sessions on her.
Rode Coco at home and she is being so good at the moment! Not sure what her next outing is though - while I'm using Mum's truck I am limited to 4 for shows, so she draws short straw. I took Orin to the arena (and he got quite a workout, with heaps of canter!), but no piccies as someone else was riding him. Pippa is looking like she needs to start back into some serious work soon, but I don't want to rush it, so may just start back with some more groundwork with a view to getting her loading which will be very handy.