August 14, 2009

Still Sunny

Can you even believe this weather? It has been so lovely for quite a while now. Even had rain forecast for yesterday & today and it was still fab. A few farms around needing some rain by now for the grass to grow (how amazing to be saying that at this time of year). Swifty came out to the arena yesterday where I was doing a bit of schooling on a few and snapped some pics.
Gem was really soft to ride yesterday. I tried a different bit on her on Wednesday and she didn't like it at all, pulled quite a bit - so she must have been really happy to go back into her usual one!
We popped over a few tiny x-rails at the end of our ride, just because I haven't jumped her for a while. She is so much more confident with her fences now - and as a rider you just sit & steer, which is nice.
I was trying to get Neo working on moving forward today. Almost all just at a trot, and switching between a slow trot and a more forward trot. He was actually pretty tired at the end of it! I normally just let him do whatever he wants on the flat, so he wasn't sure what to make of this 'working' stuff.
Nothing special that I wanted to do with Orin today - just a ride for fitness, so I could have worked him at home... however the last 4 times he's been to the arena I've jumped him. So I thought it would be nice for him to go to the arena and not jump anything so he doesn't start to think of it as "the jumping place".
Coco & Xev have just been doing hill & paddock work at the moment. New shoes for Xev today though - so then I can get her out and about a bit more.


Beckz said...

The weather has been so good it scares me. It just can't last :( Yay for beinging Xev back. sometimes I ponder if I hadn't been so quick to buy Kate, I could have tried Xev, but then Kate is brown and thats easier to clean

perfk said...

hahaha - gawd I reckon. I pre-cleaned Xev last night, tailbag and everything... unload her today and she's shat INSIDE her tailbag... I could have screamed. In fact, I think I did! *oops*

Anonymous said...