August 29, 2009

Lesson Pics

Nick came out today to take some photos of a lesson I was having on Xev. The trainer was Andrew Scott, who I think does a super job of helping me understand things. Even back when I was on ponies. I didn't have anything specific I wanted to work on, just overall getting a starting point for the season with Xev.
We started trotting a crossrail, then into canter and the single fence was put a bit higher while we got our eyes in (it was a semi-private lesson, so with one other girl). After that it was down the grid. Andrew was really impressed with Xev's technique behind, but wanted her to tighten up in front, and the grid was paced slightly short to help with that.
The second half of today's lesson was a few variations on a short course. The 2 pics below were a related bending line which I think Xev jumped beautifully (she is really good at listening to your cues and focusing on the jump you are guiding her to - rather than just going full steam for what is in front of her).
Some pics over the oxer in the little mock course: (and apologies for the dude's bum hanging out his jeans! lol - I think he was videoing or something? I have no idea really). And apologies to Xev for my leg position in the second one!! It's awful!
We were both a bit puffed after the 30 minutes! But I was pleased with how Xev went today. Mostly I need to focus on not interfering with her canter- I have a tendancy to niggle at her to try and get the right stride, when really it's all about meeting the fence at a quality canter (then it doesn't matter if you're a shade too long or too deep). I know all this stuff in theory, but it's pretty easy to forget when a lot of my jumping time is without eyes on the ground.
Tielcey Park tomorrow! Still haven't decided which classes to enter! I'm hopeless. Still semi-deciding which horses to take...