August 12, 2009

Season almost underway!

The season is almost upon us! I can't believe how many schedules are out already. Even though I have been riding all through winter, I feel a bit under-prepared for the season. I have been enjoying this run of great weather though.
I see all of my friends doing their start of the season rituals, like the 'spring clean' of horsetrucks, clipping and sending off registration forms. I have managed to break my truck (temporarily borrowing Mum's) - but I have got most of the horses clipped and myself registered. Need to sort out which horses to register this season. And measuring! There is a measuring day this weekend, which clashes with an XC schooling day that I'm going to. So will have to look for another measuring day as I want to get all of mine done (I swear Neo has grown, and need to check that Coco is a pony!).
No real news here though - so I'll just leave you with some pics of the gang today having snacktime: