August 09, 2009

Foxton Lancers

After much drama with trucks I was rescued by the lovely Tamara with the loan of her wee truck for the weekend. I thought I'd just take one horse for the flat classes today, because I already had enough damn stress this week! I almost didn't go, but I'm so glad I did. And thanks again to Tamara for making it happen.
This was the second of the three-show Lancer's series. Orin & I did the showhacks, which only had about 6 entries, but some real quality horses in there. There were a million pleasure hacks though, and more than one what I'm sure I've seen in open flat classes before too...
Having only one horse meant I had heaps of time. I even could have gone in the turnout.. but no, I wasn't that desperate to be busy! Orin went really lovely. Had a little 'moment' in a couple of his canter transitions till I realised his numnah was folded a bit funny under his shoulder.. so quickly hopped off and fixed that and he was an absolute doll for the rest of the day. He got a ribbon in absolutely every class! And even let me slide off his bum for 'best combination'.
And we had sunshine! The weather has been so fantastic lately. Next outing for us is more cross-country next weekend, and some showjumping up at Tielcey at the end of the month... then it looks like the show season kicks off proper. Must be time to send in ESNZ regos and do height certs.