August 16, 2009

XC Schooling

Headed out to QEP again today, and has a really average day actually. I must admit the fact that I didn't get rained on at all is fantastic though! Gem was really upset about something, hope it is just a temporary thing due to a diet change - because she was like a different horse (and not in the good way). Did manage to settle her after a while, but she was still unhappy.
Neo hooned around and popped over the bank, ditch & water. He was really forward today and great to ride. No pics though, as poor Swifty was on duty leading Gem around for me so I could swap horses.
Orin was being ridden by someone else today - and they went for a good hack out around the fences and just generally being around the atmosphere. I didn't jump him today.
Xev has just come back into work this month, and yesterday was her first canter this season. She was sweaty after just a circle! Luckily today she lasted more than a circle. She wasn't phased at all by being out and about again and was so well behaved.
I didn't want to jump her - so just did a bit of flatwork mostly.
But I was keen to pop her through the waterjump just as a reminder for her of what it's all about. She was so good - but has big hooves that splash heaps! I got soaked up to my hips just from her cantering through the water. She did a really weird leap out of the water the first time, but then remembered what it's all about.
She had a bit of a jig-jog back to the truck, but did pretty much everything today on a loose rein and I was really pleased with her. So not a total writeoff of a day, just a bit worried about Miss Gem, so hopefully I can get to the root of that over the coming week. Fingers crossed it's something simple.