December 30, 2007

Gray's road arena

Took Dan & Scuba out to the arena at Grays road today to do some jumping. Dan hasn't jumped since Battle Hill ODE (which was his first time seeing coloured poles), so I just wanted to pop him over a few little things and see if his improved balance on the flat is making much impact on his jumping yet.
I started him with some crossbars (I don't think he even saw the first little one! look at the pic - he towers over it haha):
He felt like he was much more confident in his striding than before, but certainly wants some shoes on before playing too much more. I was really pleased that his improved canter and generally being lighter in front had carried through to the jumping (made it easy to guide his big tall self between fences).
I popped him over a few barrels and things like that, got a few nice lead changes out of him.
Pretty stoked really. Last time I tried showjumping him we had to trot everything and I think he even walked over a few as he was so confused about the showjumps!