December 13, 2007

Jumping at Grays rd

I managed to get off work a little early today, so made a booking down at the arena on Grays road. Haven't been there before - but it was quite handy, and I think I'll head out there again sometime.
I rode Neo first and popped him over some fences just to give him some exposure to a few different types of things before taking him eventing again this weekend:

Then also practised some spreads to try and get him stretching down a bit. I think it did help a bit, but still need to do a lot of long & low flatwork to make real inroads there. Stoked with his jumping though, and I think he had a great time.

Then went and hopped on Silvi. Mostly just did heaps of crossbars on her as we never get to practise our jumping at home and I want to try and keep her nice and tidy over the fences in case I ever feel like doing showhunter again:
Silvi thought it was great to go out somewhere new and actually got quite keen into some of the fences. She even trotted over to the donkey to say hello without worries.