December 04, 2007

Neo's big day

Today we headed out to Te Marua PC for their twilight XC practise to give Neo a look at some crosscountry fences and just have a general outing before his first competition this weekend in Manawatu. Spice came along too as babysitter. Neo loaded and travelled like a dream, and was quite cruisy for having a walk around to see the lay of the land.

After a short warmup it was straight into the jumping, and he was really brave. No refusals, or even thoughts of it - he was a bit confused by some things (like the staircase) but tried to please all the time.

We didn't do any big jumps, but tried to give him a look at as many different things as possible. He was a pro at the water after a messy first attempt, and just shot over heaps of ditches and the trakheners like nothing, he was sweet with the doubles. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. Very proud of him!

Lots of cuddles and a big yummy feed for Neo when we got home too.