December 14, 2007

New arrival

Scuba has come to live with us at Odenhills for a while. Mandy dropped him off at about 6.30pm, and after I'd ridden Silvi and Neo I thought "why not?". He's only greenbroke so I grabbed Nick as safety person on the ground (and cameraman). Scuba was good to tack up, and didn't seem too horrified with me climbing aboard. I did a little walk around in the sheepyards, then went down the driveway to the front paddock:
We did quite a bit of walking, and then some short trots and canters on each rein without any big hassles. He was very interested in everything else going on (especially new best friend Zak running up and down the fenceline). Here are some pics of Scuba trotting in the crazy long grass and the dead short grass:
Then just for fun we went into the creek. He didn't go backwards, but took some encouragement to go in (seemed more bloody interested in drinking the creek!):
Then gave them all a feed and popped them in their PJs for the evening. After half an hour Scuba and Silvi were -still- prancing around showing off to each other!